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ENDSPIEL - aluminium extruded art chess set

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The main goal of this project was to learn how to design a chess set using a specific production method – aluminium extrusion. Considering about the high production cost for each new extrusion profile pattern, I’ve decided to limit the quantity of profiles to three items to keep the production cost low and keep the task challenging. Art chess is a concept I’ve chosen to be further developed using a cultural design approach. I wanted to keep the product simple to be focused on its aestheticism and wholeness (also in the literal sense of a word – I wanted to make a real solid chess set avoiding a “cookie cutter” effect while working with the extrusion method).

Product Design
Duration: 3 weeks, 4th semester at AHO, Spring 2018
Materials: Extruded Anodized Aluminium
Skills: Research, Sketching, Paper Prototyping, Adobe Illustrator, SolidWorks, SolidWorks Visualize Professional