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‘Interactive Herbarium’ is inspired by Korsmo’s weed charts and the WEEDS - FRIEND OR FOE exhibition at the Natural History Museum at the University of Oslo. This work was created in attempting to represent a herbarium in a new way - not as a lying flat sheet but as a picture with a strong visual potential. Combining the herbarium with a game - find 5 weeds - I have tried to attain several objects: to make this product helpful for training memory by recognising plants and learning about them, to show that the weed/not weed division is conventional by demonstrating the beauty of both “classes” in its variety. Try to guess right the 5 weeds - it is not so easy!

Product Design, Interaction Design
Duration: 4 weeks, 3rd semester at AHO, Fall 2017
Materials: PMMA, Birch, Plants
Skills: Research, Sketching, Paper Prototyping, Arduino Uno, RFID scanner, Testing, Cabinet Work
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