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Stickie - 3d-printed cane

whole reflecting shining samples sole shadow

‘Stickie’ is a product that simplifies the accessibility of the elderly in Singapore. The product is inviting to use, lightweight, comfortable to hold, aesthetically interesting to observe and gains inspiration from Singapore. The open structure allows it to breathe well in a humid climate, while contributing to good grip.

The stick creates a sense of security for the user by means of light, while the light also gives an aesthetic effect. The light creates safety for the user, for example by attracting attention in traffic. The light also provides a flashlight feature that can illuminate dark areas. The shadow effect created when the light shines through the pole creates an aesthetically beautiful expression that invites to use and can help make the user more active.

This sole provides sufficient stability and damping. The damping gives balance and can potentially prevent falls. The sole is detachable and exchangeable. ‘Stickie’ is a unique product that utilizes 3D printings potentials (SLS and SLA 3d printing). The stick is printed in an eternity form that makes it possible to print the product in one part.

My contribution to the project consisted in concept development, sketching, industrial clay modeling, 3d-prototyping, patterns development, testing, final prototype assembling.

The final prototype has been sent to the 2018 Singapore International 3D Printing Competition (Elderly Mobility Devices Competition) at Nanyang Technological University.

Product Design
Duration: 4 weeks project, 4th semester at AHO, Fall 2018
Materials: Nylon PA12, Formlabs Photopolymer Resin Flexible (the foot)
Skills: Research, Sketching, Paper Prototyping, Industrial Clay Prototyping, Rhino, Grasshopper, 3d-printing
In collaboration: Jens Thommesen, Sarah Herland